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In the wind segment, the GERES-Group mainly focuses on realizing onshore wind farms. Every necessary step is united within our expertise, from the evaluation of the feasibility study, the execution of the mandatory reports in the field of environmental protection and the securing of the leases to the structuring of the permit and the construction as well as the operation. Regardless of the project, long-term economical feasibility and reconciliation with nature and people are always of the particular concern since these aspects make our projects successful. As the project developer, we construct wind farms and keep them in our inventory. This is why the GERES-Group is further represented as an independent power producer.

To guarantee efficiency while having a high reliability and low emissions, we work together with the wind turbine manufacturer Enercon, located in Aurich, Germany. By deploying their energy systems, the GERES-Group is achieving the maximum level of quality and profitability to satisfy our performance and sustainability demands.

Currently, we are operating wind turbines with a total performance of 143 megawatts. Four substations create an optimal feed-in to the electricity grid and enhances the net stability while additional projects with a combined energy output of 100 megawatts are in the planning and implementation phase to create a sustainable energy future.